Spring / Summer 2014
Edwin’s Spring / Summer 2014 collection utilises classic styling accentuated by bold, yet considered prints that result in a strong and sometimes unexpected ensemble.

The collection retains at its core, the rich indigo denim true to Edwin’s DNA, juxtaposed with texture and patterns evoking the hue and feel of a long summer’s journey spent with friends.

Spring / Summer 2014 introduces new fits, reinterpretations of timeless classics and new wash processes from Martelli, Italy’s finest Laundry.
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The ED75 a new, gently tapered fit with mid-rise, bridges the gap conformably between the iconic ED55 and the new hero ED80 slim fit; a future classic.

Authentic Hawaiian prints and camouflage patterns have been revisited and placed along side T-shirts, fine gauge knitwear, tailored chinos and Bermuda shorts in a vibrant colour palette.

Introducing new construction processes within outwear creates the opportunity to work with high quality technical Italian fabrics, seam sealed, laser cutting and bonding. A western classic jacket embodies this classic styling with modern functionality.

Edwin continues to work with the finest quality Japanese fabrics, lightweight technical fabrics and knitwear from Italy and France.


Edwin x Blitz Motorcycles

Edwin and Blitz have a lot in common, they both share a passion for motorcycles, denim, and sharing some incredibly good times on the many road trips they have enjoyed together. This is a long-term project, based on their common idealisms and friendship, not simply a flash in the pan arrangement to suit marketing needs. Spring / Summer focuses on a series of prints designed together, it is simple and to the point. They are cooking up a very exciting project for the following Autumn / Winter collection inviting another collaborator to the party… For now, it’s summer and we can enjoy a good selection of prints reflecting their spirit.