"NO VACANCY" by Check Morris

Check Morris is a graphic design studio specialising in art direction, typography and illustration. Founded in 2004 by Nicolas Motte and Mathias Pol, the Parisian-based duo focus on a wide variety of media including music, cinema, art and advertisement.

For Spring/Summer 2019, they have created the series "NO VACANCY", an evocation of a vanished civilisation, ours. The classic motel signage applied to Western world.

"It is a collapsed and destitute world where only the marks of a selfish dream and the ridiculous protections that have been erected, subsist to prevent the other from accessing it (The "FFFLOATING LAND", "NOTHING TO COME"). "THE MIGRANT" is this totemic character to whom we denied all sharing."

NO VACANCY announces the motel 
NO VACANCY claims the unavailable heart 
NO VACANCY says the country which refuses to open
Entirely developed, decadent world abandoned by water.
Only derisory structures remain that men once erected
Protect themselves against their fellow men.

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