№ 67 - Kris Baha

№ 67 - Kris Baha

Australian native Kris Baha loves the spheres of EBM, industrial and all other dark waving grooves.

Back in his hometown of Melbourne, he once ran a weekly club night called "Power Station" -  a party that distributed his musical love affairs after midnight. The party gradually merged into a label by the same name where he has released his own music since 2015 as well as tracks by his friends such as Disrute and Piska Power.

Since 2016, Baha who now resides in Berlin has also been running a sub-division of "Power Station" called "Power Cuts", where he publishes tunes for creatures of the night that love harder Industrial and Darkwave impulses.

Besides running his labels, Kris loves to dive down into his studio to produce his very own music that has already seen the light of the day on celebrated labels such as Bahnsteig 23, Kinfolk, Pinkman and CockTail d’Amore Music.

When he is not producing, he is making tunes with "Die Orangen", a duo that he formed with his buddy Angelo Cruzman, with two EP's to their name and a globally acclaimed album called "Zest" on the hard to pigeonhole, in-demand label, Malta Kuti.

Between his busy touring schedule, Kris Baha found the time to produce a mix for EDWIN that displays his passion for dark sounds with tunes by legendary artists and groups like Data-Bank-A, Psyche, Manie Dans Delire and Lassigue Bendthaus as well as a selection of contemporary producers like Kluentah, Project Germs and Visitor.

A feverish, swinging journey somewhere between industrial dance, intoxicated mid-tempo grooves and heated synth worlds.



Data-Bank-A:  Incognito 
Sea Of Wires: Robot Dance
Emotional Violence: Big Balloon
Dive: Ars Moriendi Part 2
Huren: Germinal
Dr Numa:  Story Of The moon
Kluentah: The Next
Lassigue Bendthaus:  Mortal/ Immortal
Project Germs: CuatOne
Brain Damage: Braindamage
Mark Lane: I want You
Manie Dans Delire: Static Control
Ausgang Verboten: Consumer
Visitor: Celebrate Death
Psyche: Wrench 
Twins: Stuck