№ 69 - Textasy

№ 69 - Textasy

American producer Dustin Evans aka TEXTASY has let the music play this month, delivering a mix for EDWIN that mirrors his signature sound as a producer in a ninety-minute rhythmic trip.

The man from Dallas, Texas loves the MPC and dances with 'her' gently to create moving club music that cannot be pinned down to one style. Instead, his productions melt acid, jungle, Miami Bass, electro, IDM and techno in a totally unabashed, fresh, contemporary way.

Since 2017, Dustin has released four EP’s on UK labels including Natural Science, E-Beamz, Dolphin Traxx and Craigie Knowes from Glasgow. With titles like 'Welcome To The Darkroom' and 'Dallas Gun Club', they display his seriously unserious approach to dance music.

On his very own label, FTP, the Berliner by choice publishes thrilling music by artists such as Son Of A Blunt and Detroit's Filthiest alongside his own work, walking the line between classic Detroit electro, feverish ghetto tech and other forms of weird but touching club jams. As a DJ he fuses the aforementioned styles in a fast-paced and energetic way, that can be only described with one word: RAVE.

So, enjoy his raw shaking ride for EDWIN and make sure the volume is in hyper position!