№ 46 - Capablanca

№ 46 - Capablanca

Our latest mix comes courtesy of the charismatic and unorthodox DJ and producer, Capablanca.

Recorded at Casa Capablanca in Berlin with the help of his Taula 4 mixer, Boss Space Echo, two technics and a CDJ, Hugo recorded the single live take during one of his infamous "tea time and chocolate" aprés club moments with friends!

"There's a couple scruffy mixes but I like the flow and the spontaneity so I decided to leave it as it is. First takes are often the best anyway. It's kinda trippy indeed, the track selection goes from Popol Vuh to Pornosect and Marcelo Napoletano via Food Pyramid, Secret Circuit and Lutto Lento, among others. Some people might call it "Leftfield". I call it "S.I.T.C.O.M." (Situationist Comedy)."

It crackles, water splashes and a tragic humming synth-line rolls threatening: Hugo Capablanca's mix for Edwin starts in gloomy spheres. No beat, no obvious attractions. A slow welcome made for those who love real sound with a challenging twist.

Since 2008 he has run the label Discos Capablanca, a hub for off-beat artists like Crackle, Mutant Beat Dance, Two Dogs In A House and Keita Sano. Capablanca himself has produced some staggering remixes and together with his Spanish buddy Marc Piñol he tuned in the breath-taking C.P.I. EP on Hivern Discs.

His sound, as a producer or DJ, melts psychedelic, disco, club rhythms and strange sounds from beyond. Just as his imaginative mix for Edwin. So get absorbed by a Hugo Capablanca's journey and take care: sometimes it gets sticky like a linoleum floor flooded by sweet lemonade.