№ 48 - Sapphire Slows

To ease you into 2017, we bring you a sublime mix of electronic mood music...

Tokyo based producer, DJ, synthesiser and keyboard player Sapphire Slows has been seducing the senses since 2011 with peculiar tunes that show her deep love for slow-mo grooves, stoned chants and delicate melodic atmospheres.

To date, she has released one album and three EP's on labels such as mythical L.A. based addresses, Not Not Fun and 100% Silk, as well as Tokyo based Big Love Records.

For the Edwin Music Channel, Sapphire Slows has put together a mix jam-packed with shadowy sound textures, mazy rhythms, freak-out jazz situations and opaque bubbling club motifs.


Track list:
Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask - Vaporwave 07
Bubble Club - The Goddess (Quiet Village Remix)
Primitive Art - Ykokombat
Further Reductions - High and Basics
Jordan GCZ - Lushlife
D. Lissvik - Track 5
APC - Track 3
Mike Kay - Rumble Strip
Streetwalker - Straight Face
Discover Tunnels - Data Pool
Solar Bears - Children Of The Times
DJ Python - Tranquila
Jon Hassell - Elsewhere Is A Negative Mirror (Some Truths Remix)
Various Artist (Wah Wah Wino) - Unchartered
Lemme Kno - The Tie With The Most Stripes

№ 48 - Sapphire Slows
№ 48 - Sapphire Slows