№ 49 - Ruf Dug

№ 49 - Ruf Dug

Since 2009 Manchester’s Ruf Dug has released music that blends Ambient, Dub, Disco, Downtempo, House, Leftfield and Vaporwave into one big sensational groove cloud.

Releases on labels such as Music For Dreams, Süd Electronic, Unknown To The Unknown or his very own imprint Rüf Kutz, not only showcase a wide stylistic range, they also enthrall with deep felt musicality.

As a DJ, the Mancunian built up a global reputation for high-energy sets that vibrate intuitively and reflect Ruf Dug's spaced out range of influences.

For EDWIN this month, the NTS Radio host has prepared a smooth operating mix that he put together during a matutinal DJ Set at the café and bar Spiritland in King’s Cross, London in late January 2017. To accompany his mix, we chatted with Ruf Dug briefly about his multi-coloured style, the perfect place to be and the music he selected for his Edwin Music Channel contribution.

Hey Ruf Dug, you recorded your mix at Spiritland, a cafe and bar in King’s Cross, London that is built around a brilliant unqiue soundsystem. The venue gives a day and night space to artists and let's them play music without blinkers, so the audience can experience music of all genres and eras. In what way did the space and the guests inspire you for your mix?

Ruf Dug: Well due to a last-minute reschedule I ended up recording this mix at the distinctly un-disco time of 11 in the morning - the 'audience' was made up of a few people having a business meeting and then some others who'd wandered in for a delicious breakfast (I recommend the gourmet granola). With this environment in mind it seemed appropriate to create a soundtrack for drinking your morning coffee and reading the papers... something to ease you into your day.

Is there a story that is linked to a specific song/track you play in your mix?

Ruf Dug: Lots of stories - I'll tell you briefly about the one around my track 'Tendacayou'. I made it in the Caribbean when my wife and I were there a few years ago. It's named after a beautiful spa up in the hills behind our villa, and the opening melody is directly inspired from watching my wife do her morning yoga practice on the veranda. Every time I hear it I can see her saluting the sun.

In your NTS Radio shows, as well as in your DJ sets and own productions, one unique style is absent. How would you explain to somebody who never heard your style, what you sound like?

Ruf Dug: VHS sunset from the deck of a 23rd century star-liner, piloted by trans-dimensional ravers, illustrated by Moebius.

Since 2010 your label Rüf Kutz is burning busy. Any new stuff in the pipeline and what do you have in store for 2017.

Ruf Dug: Yes! The next two releases are on the drawing board - the next will be some very special edits from Manchester / New York legend Andi Hanley. I have a few projects burning away for other labels as well but the most immediate release on my schedule is the Ruf Kutz TV show for NTS, which broadcasts very soon (Feb 9) - it's eaten all my time!

You've lived in Manchester, Ibiza, Australia and London so far. Where next? And if a Ruf Dug dreamland/place/space exists, what are the qualities that characterise it?

Ruf Dug: We have a beautiful one-year-old boy in our family now, and I really am very keen that he grows up and goes to school in Manchester; as much as I love the world (and beyond), Manchester is my favourite place. This means we have about three more years of restless wandering to tick a few more boxes... despite the direction the USA seems to be heading at the moment I would love to spend more than a little while in New York and of course one day I absolutely, totally have to go to Japan... 

In terms of the 'perfect place' I guess it needs the following:

- Lots of friendly people.
- Good sound system.
- Western aspect (for sunsets).
- Outstanding local organic produce.
- High speed broadband.
- Not too cold.

What’s your favourite Ruf Dug rumour?

Ruf Dug:  That I was born in a volcano.

Carlos Maria Trindade; Nuno Canavarro - Ven 5
Juan Martin - The Diver: David Hockney
Finis Africae - Hybla
Aragon - かかし
Yoichiro Yoshikawa - Tarawa
Elephunkin' - Arrival
Cantoma - Pandajero (Ruf Dug Remix)
Priscilla Ermel - Gestos De Equilbrio
Slow Riffs - Gong Bath
t e l e p a t h - Dream Girl
Ruf Dug - Tendacayou
Gabriel Yared - 37º2 Le Matin
Interiors - Flamengo
Andy Narell - Trapeze
Software - Island-Sunrise
Latin Quarter - Radio Africa (Dennis Bovell Dub-Mix)