№ 52 - SHIZKA

To celebrate the five year anniversary of Antinote later this week, we asked their Japanese artist SHIZKA aka Inoue Shirabe to take us on a journey of sound.

With three globally acclaimed Antinote releases under her wing, the Okayama based artist is considered as one of the hottest contemporary electronic producers from Japan.

For EDWIN this month she has produced a slow grooving mix full of odd melodies and alien frequencies, perfect for a pre-party warm up or an early morning come down. Featuring artists such as the Belgium Duo Stavroz, Australian Newcomer Bronze Savage and San Diego/USA based girl Salami Rose Joe Louis, Inoue’s mix spreads music from a bunch of new musicians, that fuse styles like hip hop, electronic, ambient, house and techno in a new and refreshing way. If that wasn't enough, SHIZKA has peppered her mix with some of his very own productions – released and unreleased.

Enjoy the ride!


Jani R: Drifted Apart
Stavroz: Talabout
Makina: Balvanera
Bronze Savage: Vanilla Mist
Paterson: Guwiyang
Párvulos: Corazón Negro
Space People: Work
Harris Cole: One Day
Salami Rose Joe Louis: Are you a glacier?
Inoue Shirabe: Warm & Easy
Sanitario: Baile Perfumado
Sunshower: Sunset Palms
Lagartijeando: Antofagasta de la Sierra (El Búho's Dinural Remix)
Spaniol & Burkamina: Peyote
GYRL: Amygdala (Cigarra Remix)
Salami Rose Joe Louis: Catching zzzz's
Jani R: Relics
Solace & Overtone: Prince Of The Rain (feat. Dianna)
SHIZKA: Endless Down (unreleased)

№ 52 - SHIZKA
№ 52 - SHIZKA
№ 52 - SHIZKA