№ 54 - MR TC

№ 54 - MR TC
№ 54 - MR TC
№ 54 - MR TC

This month The EDWIN Music Channel features the Glaswegian musician, DJ and party promoter Thomas Lea Clarke, AKA MR TC.

So far he has released two 12" EP's on Optimo Music, “Soundtrack For Strangers” and “Surf and Destroy”, bringing together a touching fusion of acid, house, tribal, disco, psyche-rock and new-wave, that moves the body and mind.

Before MR TC went solo, he was part of a band with his friend Daniel (aka Lo Kindre / who also plays in the MR TC live band)

"We were playing pretty basic 60's influenced Garage Rock, covering tracks by The Sonics and The Stooges but as we progressed as musicians we became more interested in the sounds our guitars could make and started to follow a more psychedelic and dark kind of vibe influenced by bands like the Black Angels, The Brian Jonestown Massacre but also The Birthday Party and Bauhaus.

The switch to more dance floor focused stuff happened gradually after leaving home and moving to Glasgow. I started going to clubs more and listening to more “dance” music. Instead of jamming with a band I began making music alone with drum machines and synths. I mostly kept the guitar though.

Since the release of his first solo EP, he has been busy performing as a DJ, playing with the MR TC live band and organising his 'Night of The Jaguar' parties at The Art School in Glasgow.

At the bi-monthly party series, he has welcomed artists such as Manfredas, Optimo, Sacha Mambo, Eva Geist, Die Wilde Jagd, Golden Teacher, Christian S. – illustrious names that underpin MR TC’s taste for odd grooving sensations too.

As a producer he has a lot of ambitious project in the pipeline for 2017 as well...

We just got the masters back for an EP by the Tafi Allstars that was recorded in Ghana in November 2016. It’s a collaborative project between myself, Conal Blake (of Domestic Exile) and the Tafi Cultural Institute of Tafi Atome in Ghana. I’m so happy with the results and can’t wait to share it with people. It will be coming out on Autonomous Africa sometime soon and all the proceeds from sales will be going back to Tafi to fund the completion of a recording studio that they are building there in partnership with Green Door.

Apart from that a 3rd EP of my own is nearly finished. Just adding the finishing touches and I’ve been working on some jams with Lo Kindre, which should be ready to share soon too.” he reports.

Before his freshly produced music hits the stores, MR TC took some time to produce a mix featuring "All the stuff I’ve been listening to lately, that I’ve made recently or music that friends have sent me. It seemed to come together pretty easily, starting with a track of forest sounds, beautiful vocals and hand drums from the upcoming Tafi Allstars record moving through psychedelic and percussive sounds from France and Holland into some dubby post punk from Pornosect then getting a bit darker and more industrial before bringing in a bit of slow acid sounds and coming out with that epic track by Tomaga."

If you are in Berlin on the 28th July, make sure you head to Panorama Bar/Berghain where MR TC will perform at the Optimo 20 party with Optimo, Trikk and Underspreche.


1. Tafi Allstars - Agbe Me Nya Wo (Unreleased)
2. High wolf - Étoile Star (Not Not Fun)
3. Louise Huebner - The Emotional Bondage Spell (Warner Bros')
4. Paleis Van Boem - 1001 (Days) (Plexus)
5. Pornosect - Subjugation (The Produkt Korps)
6. The Modern Institute - The Shaved My Head And Curled The Rest Off (Domestic Exile)
7. Asmus Tietchens - Unterhaltsmusik (Bureau B)
8. Zazou Bikaye - Dju Ya Feza (Simon Boswell Remix) (Strut)
9. MR TC & Lo Kindre - Unreleased
10. Anatolian Weapons - Unreleased
11. As Longitude - Pink is Orange (Knekelhuis)
12. Bookworms - Coaxial Electric Slide (L.I.E.S.)
13. An Bene And Pierre Lambow - Robot Jungle (Light Sounds Dark)
14. Tomaga - Greetings From The Bitter End (Kaya Kaya Records)
15. Lo Kindre - Distant Dreams (Optimo Music)