№ 55 - Ana Helder

№ 55 - Ana Helder
№ 55 - Ana Helder

For our next release on the EDWIN Music Channel, we welcome DJ and producer Ana Helder from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since 2011 she has released three EP's including "El Groove De Tu Corazón", "Fiebre De Marte" and "Beating PC", all of which take pride of place in the edgy catalogue of Matias Aguayo’s label, Cómeme.

In addition, she also released the 12inch "Soy Canalla" on the French label Astro Lab and it has been remixed by the like of Les Disques De La Mort, seducer Ivan Smagghe and the mysterious West-German producer Frank West. As a remixer Ana Helder has worked on projects with her Chilean friends Alejandro Paz and Mamacita and even added her own vocals to tracks.

The art of DJing is something Ana is constantly working on, playing around the world from Argentina to the US, from Germany to Finland. You can be sure that it will always be unpredictable and diverse, playing everything from house to techno, from soul to funk, from new to no wave.

Right before Ana releases her new EP "Nuevas Preferencias" on the German label Müstique, she found the time to produce a mix exclusively for EDWIN. It features soul, dark driven electronic spheres, odd house sensations and all other kinds of moving and grooving music, that has the inescapable power to impact the body and mind. Enjoy!


Young Druid - UV
Tolouse Low Trax - Reserves To Talk
Steve Spacek - Slow Baby Dubb
Richard Fritz - Hot Mud
3 Chairs - Good Kiss
Bob Chance - Wild It´s Broken
Foxy - People Fall In Love (While Dancing)
Rhythm Makers - Zone (Remix)
El Coco - Under Construction
Santth - Disco Soul
Andres - Hart Plaza
Ob Ignitt & Omar S - Fellow Me
The Rotating Assembly - Mess I Made (Instrumental)
C.A.Ramirez - Asi Soy
Palo Science - Soul Eclipse
Soulparlor - Godfather (Six Step Mix)
Jayda G - Sound Of Fuca
Luther Davis Group - To Be Free