5 Magical Herbs

5 Magical Herbs

NB: EDWIN accept no responsibility for the outcome of this herb hoodoo and all concoctions should be used at your own discretion!

Birds of ParadiseBirds of Paradise
NB: EDWIN accept no responsibility for the outcome of this herb hoodoo and all concoctions should be used at your own discretion!


EUCALYPTUS LEAVES are often thought to deter evil and fend off enemies in both your home and work life. The oily leaves are also capable of putting a stop to immoral and wicked behaviour including drugs, alcohol and smoking. It is thought by some that burning the leaves can cleanse the home and banish all evil. If all else fails, stick a leaf in your shoe to avoid being jinxed.


DITTANY OF CRETE, the old European herb of love. Found in many recipes for potions and spells, it could cost you an arm and a leg as it is difficult to source, unless you are local to the remote island of Crete. Although it is part of the mint family and similar to oregano, it’s wizardly uses are very different. When fed to the one you love, the culinary herb can cause a passionate desire to develop.


WHITE CLOVER FLOWERS are believed by some to bring the power of good luck, protecting you from evil. Place these flowers in a flannel bag and carry them at all times to break a curse or put an end to a jinx. Some people often sprinkle a mixture of white clover flowers and four thieves vinegar around a room to clear all evil. Continue this process, every day for 9 days to be surrounded by good fortune.


IRISH MOSS aka carrageen can help with all kinds of money matters, whether personal or business-related. The gamblers among us carry a pinch in their pocket when placing a bet or buying a lottery ticket because they believe it will bring them luck. Others sprinkle Irish Moss under the carpets and floorboards in their place of work to ensure they attract a steady stream of regular customers.


NETTLES, the stingy little blighters, are not all bad. They can also be used for good! Believed by some to be a strong curse breaker, it can be mixed with mint or rue and added to a jinx-breaking herb like graveyard dust and sprinkled around the home to end spells cast by witches. Having a bad hair day? No problem, simply mix nettle, pennyroyal and graveyard dirt into your hair to break a curse placed on you by your hairdresser.

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