To celebrate 20 years of the Berlin-based independent, HHV, EDWIN have produced a limited edition set of Tees and Hoods in collaboration with Japanese graphic designer, Toshifumi Kiuchi.

HHV 20th Year Anniversary - BERLIN - Toshifumi Kiuchi

The limited edition Hoods and Tees are now available exclusively at HHV as well as EDWIN stores in London, Paris, Berlin, Milan and Antwerp.

To find out a bit more about the artist behind the artwork, HHV sat down with Toshifumi at his Daikanyama studio to discuss music, vinyl and of course the German capital, Berlin.

Q. Hello Toshifumi, we want to start by thanking you for making this happen. There was no better person to bring the worlds of EDWIN and HHV together.

A. Nice to meet you. I am very honoured. Thank you.

Q. We’d love to know how it all started, before HHV, before EDWIN. What was it that made you put your pen to paper and get creative?

A. A lot of MANGA that I read when I was a kid. Harajuku fashion culture in the 90's and 00's. LODOWN Magazine. Gasbook (Japanese creator archive book). illdozer (Japanese legendary design team). Mike Kelley (artist).
And best of all, lots of record sleeves and party flyers.

Q. Similar to HHV, this collection ties very closely into Vinyl and our roots in music. What are your roots in music?

A. When I was a kid, my mother played Japanese City Pop in the car. Tatsuro Yamashita, Yumi Matsutoya (Yumi Arai), Haruomi Hosono, and others.

In my teens, I started listening to music consciously.

The first records I bought were reggae and dub. Rock Steady ~ 80s Dance hall ~ New roots... and I'm really into ON-U Sound.

Q. I understand you are also a vinyl lover and even a HHV customer. How did you first hear about us and can you remember your first purchase?

A. A DJ friend of mine taught me about HHV. I probably bought Luke Vibert records and DUB V.A.

Q. HHV wouldn't exist without Berlin, so in the graphics, the city plays a large part from the reconstruction of the TV Tower to the iconic Berlin Bear being prominent throughout. What are your thoughts and perspective on Berlin?

First, as a graphic artist: Like many people, I was very inspired by the Bauhaus design philosophy. At the same time, I've been influenced by Lodown Magazine since my teenage years. There is always a mix of wonderful traditions and new cultures, and I think it is similar to Tokyo.

Secondly, historical: Berlin has been rebuilt and developed from the ruins many times. Tokyo is the same. It is a very strong and attractive city.

Finally, personally: Berlin is a special city for me and my friends. It looks very attractive to artists, musicians and those seeking an alternative way of life.

Some of my friends have moved to Berlin as artists and DJ's. I can't wait for my friends in Berlin to see my graphics.

Also, of course, I want to experience intense dance music in clubs in Berlin.

Q. We hope this is the start of something great with yourself and EDWIN and look forward to working with you again real soon.

A. EDWIN was born in Japan, but EUROPE made EDWIN so cool. I am very happy to be involved with EDWIN as a Japanese native and would like to continue to support the brand.

Q. Do you already have an idea of what is next for you? Will we maybe see you in Berlin sometime soon?

A. In 2023, I plan to hold an art exhibition with a photographer in Tokyo. And, of course, I continue to create artwork for EDWIN, together with LAID BUG, ​​an art gallery I run in Tokyo.

Someday, I would love to hold an art exhibition in Berlin.

Working with HHV and EDWIN has been really great. Thank you very much!