Apollo Thomas


For Spring/Summer 2020, Apollo Thomas takes a look at the artistry of Japanese comic books and graphic novels through a European lens, showcasing his bookish style across a selection of limited edition products.


The French director, illustrator and cartoonist is a graduate of the distinguished 'Les Beaux-Arts de Paris'.

Having directed clips for various musicians around the world, Apollo has also worked with brands such as BureauTonic and Moonchild, as well as for the architectural studio, Atelier du Pont.

As an esteemed illustrator, his work has appeared in magazines such as Frederic Magazine, Mondo Zero, Paper x Colette, Vice and Arte Episode, as well as several Graphzines including REPLICA (edition FLTMSTP) and VENETIAN BLINDS (edition 1991).

Using EDWIN product as a blank canvas, Apollo Thomas has transformed wardrobe staples from the Spring/Summer 2020 collection to incorporate embroidered canvas patches and screenprints featuring his manga artwork across a selection of Jackets, Hoods and Tees.

To accompany the collection, Apollo has published a comic book of his own, chronicling the events and high fantasy of his recent trip to Tokyo with his girlfriend Margot and limited to 500 copies.

The FREE limited edition Zine will be shipped with every Apollo Thomas order placed. While stocks last.

Available now at selected European retailers and online.

"For this collaboration with EDWIN, I wanted to start with the feeling that I had when I discovered Japan more than 10 years ago. There is a scene in Chris Marker's Sans Soleil, where people on the JR line in Tokyo progressively fall asleep and go back to their dreams where Chimères and Yokai begin to appear.

I think this scene was a trigger when I started drawing. I also had a graphic desire to confront myself with the influences that allowed me to develop my drawing projects over the years, to reclaim them. I wanted to confront my passion by drawing Manga, creating a mixture to illustrate this immersion that I feel every time I visit Japan.

Over the years, I have looked up to and been influenced by many artists including Suehiro Maruo, Yoshiharu Tsug, Toshio Saeki and Yoshihiro Tatsumi to name a few"