Salomon Faye

Salomon Faye

As Salomon Faye steps back into the studio, EDWIN caught up with the Harlem-raised lyricist on the streets of Paris in anticipation of his upcoming release, 'On the Soul'.

"The Doors of Paris is in a neighbourhood that feels like home, and one that we often find ourselves in" - Salomon Faye

Embarking on a visual odyssey, Salomon Faye and photographer Camneh delve into the interwoven narratives of trust and admiration. 

As the lens captures the unspoken bonds between the two artists, the curated imagery evokes emotions mirroring the delicate dance of vulnerability and strength.

Through divergent paths, these artists converge, seamlessly expressing themselves in a singular, cohesive visual lexicon. 

Each frame serves as a testament to the profound story of mutual respect, revealing the beauty that arises when collaborative artistry becomes a harmonious visual dialogue.

"We play roles in our daily life as artists to protect ourselves"- Camneh "Blurring the lines between what’s real and an expression of what’s real is what makes life a stage, and a stage the life of an artist" - Salomon Faye
"It used to be or maybe still is forbidden to take a photo at the Silencio. It was designed by David Lynch which is an eternal source of visual inspiration and a mystical approach" - Camneh
"These are more than photos because our relationship is real. The story is in how we see each other & how we see ourselves through one another. Two artists become one in Camnehs photos of me" - Salomon Faye

Photographer: Camneh
Art Direction: Illuzion
Producer: Raphael Ribichesu 
Face: Salomon Faye