For Autumn/Winter 2020, EDWIN continue to guide creatives in their everyday lives, highlighting the brand through four creative individuals, exploring the similarities in their style of living. Meet the Dancer, Set Designer, Sculptor and the Poet...

Art Direction: GLOBAL
Director of Photography: Pat Aldinger
Photographer: Ghislain Mirat
Styling: Laëtitia Gimenez
Produced: Partizan / Auguste Bas
Line Producer: Laetitia Snaoui
Styling Assistant: Audrey Petit
Casting: Annako & Remondo
Hair & Makeup: Camille Roche / Jade Berrocal
Location: Normandy Le Chantier
Photo Editing: Emma Birski
Models: Nathan Feliot / Martin Erminio Modesti / Olivier Nguyen / Estelle Chauffour