Hand-dipped in London from 100% natural ingredients, founder Junior Adesanya explores an amalgamation of scents with Cremate. Blurring the boundaries of modernity and tradition, Cremate draws on rituals of incense burning to bring the cleansing ceremony to the modern-day home.

In an age where the closest thing to a morning ritual is reaching for our phones, a little ceremony is creeping back in.

Inspired by the earth movement, whimsical worlds and off-key memories, EDWIN worked closely with Junior to develop an exclusive scent for Spring/Summer 2023 bringing notes of lemon, geranium rose and sage to Cremate's signature charcoal incense cones, designed to create moments of peace through calming aromas.

With a burn time of 25 minutes, each custom-branded tin comes complete with 30 incense cones.


Now available in limited numbers online or head to your nearest EDWIN store to smell it for yourself...

Cremate x EDWIN 'Absolem' Incense Tin - Lemon, Geranium Rose, Sage - WHO R U?

Animation: Dan Künzler