Selvedge Denim


The progression of the denim collection continues with a simplified naming system and all Japanese production using premium denim from iconic fabric mills, honouring our origins and craftsmanship that has been refined for the last six decades.

Leaving behind the ED numbering structure and replacing it with a clear descriptive style-based naming system, we have developed a key 5-pocket selection concentrating on core fits, comprising of our most recognisable styles. The concise denim selection now includes the Loose Straight, Loose Tapered, Regular Tapered, Slim Tapered and Skinny, replacing the ED-39, 45, 55, 80 and 85 respectively.

Using carefully selected fabrics from the most revered Japanese denim mills such as Nihon Menpu, Kaihara, Kurabo and Kuroki, the five key styles are offered in a wide range of selvage denim, speciality fabrics and recycled fibres, all available in various weights and applied washes. All jeans are then produced, treated and finished in Japan.

A major reason for the switch to Japanese production is of course sustainability, not only to offset carbon emissions through improved global logistics but also with the contribution of recyclable lightweight buttons and rivets alongside the new 90% pulp paper labelling, replacing the outdated leather branding. Wash techniques have also been improved using waterless bleaching techniques, laser technology and eco-friendly methods where possible.

Setting the standard for future collections, the balanced collection of 5-pocket cuts showcases authentic tailoring, paying attention to our denim tradition with a commitment to progression.


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