Doors of Perception


Opening the doors of perception is the key to cosmic awareness. You will never see ‘reality' in the same way again...

Despite all of the scientific progress made in recent years, striving for the ‘ultimate truth’, the same questions remain: what surrounds us and how do the elements interact with our everyday life?

The Doors of Perception and Higher Self Tees might just offer the path towards the light of consciousness that we’ve been looking for. Delving a little deeper into the mysteries of the universe, the TM X and Nazo Tees use a reflective print technique to reinterpret nostalgic references in a contemporary way.

“You saved me, I was in that ultimate moment of terror, this was the beginning of life. It is nothing. Simple it is nothing. The final of all things is that there is no final truth. Truth is what transitory, it is human life that is real.”
Altered States - Ken Russel

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