Etienne Memon


Starting life in a small town in the Netherlands, Etienne occupied his early years with a life of skating and graffiti: two obsessions that led him to become the tattooist that he is today.

Making the move to Amsterdam, Etienne's work has developed over the last 12 years, bringing together tattoo art, painting, travel, photography and fashion, working alongside like-minded individuals as part of the creative platform known simply as “ORDER”.

For Spring/Summer 2021, Etienne has reworked oversized Tees in Black and White alongside a classic Western denim shirt, creating a monochrome three-piece using a mix of embroidery and print to bring his iconic style to life.


Q. How has life in Amsterdam influenced your art/projects?

Living in Amsterdam is a big influence on everything I do. I love this city and everything that it keeps giving me. The long history of graffiti, skating, hip-hop, punk, electronic music got me started doing everything I do today. 

Q. How would you describe your style of tattooing?
I would describe it as a classic style but a little more eclectic in the subjects that I mix. I'm very much inspired by cartoons, Chicano tattoo, American traditional tattoo, Graffiti, grimey images and so much more. So I must say I don't have one style that I would like to choose because there is so much more to discover. 

Q. Did your location in the Redlight District influence your creative process or style in any way?
Maybe not my style but for sure a lot more community vibe. The Redlight District is a small town that's totally separate from anything else in Amsterdam with so much history and stories that I will never get bored of. I love the Red light district and will never leave it. 

Q. Would you say you've been inspired by dutch tattoo legends like Henk Schiffmacher?
Yes, Henk is an inspiration for Tattooing in general, but he is a few generations before me so when I started I was looking for more stuff from early 2000, but found myself also looking at the older stuff from the '50s.

Q. Could you describe what the ORDER Collective stands for?
Order Collective is a platform of friends with common interests and love for doing stuff they like doing best. From photography to clothing, music to tattooing and pretty much anything else we want to give a go!

Q. What do you think the future holds for ORDER?
More new adventures, More new friends!!

Q. Give us some recommendations for people visiting Amsterdam. Show us Amsterdam the Etienne/ORDER way.

Just go to the Red Light District, Buy some ORDER clothing and get tattooed, then head to the Warmoesstraat and eat Sichuan food, have a stroll and get hammered! Always fun!!