Hedi & Thami Nabil


Meet the Paris-based duo, Hedi and Thami Nabil. The two brothers are masters of illustration and animation, each with their own distinct flair. Thami’s creations embody the beauty of the human form, while Hedi’s visionary approach pushes the boundaries of experimentation.

Their exceptional talent seamlessly weaves together the elegance of European aesthetics with the mesmerising allure of Japanese influences.

Although they often work independently, their recent collaboration animation for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is a testament to their collective genius.

Individually, they have left their artistic imprint on esteemed platforms such as Nike, Jean Paul Gaultier, Trax Magazine and Vice, solidifying their status as revered artists in the industry.

Standing out for its vivid colours, daring contrasts, and intricate details, the latest capsule from Hedi and Thami has a psychedelic aura that twists reality with an enigmatic quality, distorting and transcending conventional perceptions.

Here, characters appear to expand and contract in a mesmerising dance of expression, lending the illustrations to a variety of pieces, including an oversized hood, cropped pants, graphic tees and a variety of embroidered headwear. 

The ensemble is crowned by the standout relaxed-fit shirt, showcasing the unmistakable essence of Thami Nabil's artistic style, making it the focal point of the collection.


Sortir de la grotte, aller au monde.
Dans la tempête, toujours debout.

Épopée du Kami.
À la recherche des usages oublié des plantes.
Visiter la végétation, médecines perdues des siècles passés.