Lava Flow


Shot on the streets of Bristol through the lens of Charlie Ballett, the Lava Flow capsule with a distinct acid eco-bleach finish, highlights two newly developed silhouettes, created from a 13.5oz heavyweight denim.

With an elasticated neck and bottom seam with velcro adjustable cuffs, the new Crax Pop Over Jacket takes on a distinctive 'lava flow' treatment alongside the relaxed fit Operate Pant.


To find out a little bit more about the man behind the camera, we caught up with Charlie to discuss his background, how he got into photography in the first place and what is coming next...

Q. For anyone discovering your work for the first time today, please can you introduce yourself?
A. I’m Charlie Ballett AKA princecharlzz / baggyboyfilm from Bristol (UK)

Q. Can you tell me about your first experience with photography?
A. I kind of fell into it by accident... I just started taking flicks of my friends doing stupid things & it spiralled from there!

Q. Where did it all start for you and how has this affected your vision as a photographer?
A. It all started in Bristol and that really influences every shot I take - it’s a crazy city that really opens your eyes to a different/natural way to take pictures. Bristol is a really crazy place which makes me produce crazy photos.

Q. Have you always been a visual person with a form of creative expression?
A. I’d say so yeah - I’ve always worked with clothing and I take pride in making everything I sell look visually pleasing so that aspect works alongside everything I do.

Q. What are you listening to right now?
A. Gangsta Pat - I Wanna Smoke Alllll dayyyy long! 

Q. North or South?!
A. South! 

Q. Ones to watch?
A. Definitely keep an eye on @danxgee & @olijbow - their design work is one not to miss. Big things coming from these guys! 

Q. What’s next?
A. Next steps global domination! Hahaha nahhh I’m not sure, I’d really like to branch out into design work, sportswear design has always been on my mind so that’s my next avenue.

Creative Direction & Styling @princecharlzz 
Photography @baggyboyfilm 
Videography @lucienparsons
Model @t___lui
Assistant Photographer @bakerzbits