Mix 100

№ 100

The EDWIN Music Channel celebrates its 100th mix with an exclusive limited edition tape release, featuring ten three-minute-long tunes by former hosts including Sapphire Slows, Robert Bergman, Tolouse Low Trax, Ana Helder, Bruce and Fantastic Twins.

DJ Tarba - Sapphire Slows - Kabuki - Bruce - Fantastic Twins - Iueke & Lippie - Jay Glass Dubs feat ML - Tolouse Low Trax - Robert Bergman - Ana Helder

For the last seven years, The EDWIN Music Channel has delivered headstrong mixes conducted by passionate DJ’s, collectors, musicians, producers and music maniacs, whose existence has been rescued by sound a million times over.

Starting with a poetic, multifaceted mix N° 1 by French act C.A.R. in 2014, the series took flight with a wide array of styles conducted by renowned artists from around the world including the likes of French DJ Ivan Smagghe, Superpitcher under his King So So alias, Lithuanian tastemaker Manfredas, the Paris based Antinote crew (Epsilove, Nico Motte and Zaltan), BFDM head-honcho Judaah, Russian producer Inga Mauer, Neue Deutsche Welle headliner Andreas Dorau, Munich-based production duo Zenker Brothers and Spanish techno artist Jasss

Accompanied by a variety of veterans, rising stars and producers, the mix series continued, with UK Acid House legend Hardway Bros, San Francisco-based Cosmic Disco, Cold Wave and Post Punk connoisseur Mozhgan, Astro Lab Recordings Laurent Pastor, UK Garage specialist Lil Mofo, Finders Keepers mastermind Doug Shipton, Interstellar Funk from Amsterdam and acid, jungle, and Miami Bass border crosser TEXTASY all providing individual mixes including everything from disco, dub, funk, jazz and soul to rock, electronic, house, techno and even spoken word experiments.

To celebrate The EDWIN Music Channel's 100th mix, ten participants from over the years have each produced a track for a limited tape release, that is now available, FREE of charge in our stores in London, Milan, Berlin and Paris along with a commemorative Tee to mark the occasion.

Featuring exclusive music by Brothers From Different Mothers artist DJ Tarba, German drum ‘n’ bass pioneer Kabuki, electronic illusionist Fantastic Twins, French duo Iueke & Lippie, Argentinian producer Ana Helder, Amsterdam-based Brew label boss Robert Bergman, leftfield pop electronic producer Sapphire Slows from Tokyo, Greek dub innovator Jay Glass Dubs, Bristol-based bass architect Bruce and ghost dance magician Tolouse Low Trax


Take a look below at some of the artist's thoughts on the exclusive tracks created for The EDWIN Music Channel.

"The Ultimate 2020 inspiration, like playing Tenchu with a Wiley character on a Dreamcast, drinking bad soda in a teenage room and slapping your own face for fun!"
Artist: DJ Tarba
Track: Hors Série

L’uniforme de la jeunesse or the style you may possess. Make it worth its while.
Artist: Fantastic Twins
Track: L’uniforme de la jeunesse

A tribute to finally finding comfort in the recently shaken, slowly expanding and gently stabilizing space we all are having to find ourselves in.
Artist: Bruce 
Track: Hot One (Version)

City Racer is basically a tribute to the stress you experience when you're on your bike running home just before the night curfew and you got to race to make it in time before getting fined.
Artist: Robert Bergman
Track: City Racer

"The heat was massive, the air wet, the sun merciless. Big “Langeweile” moved in. But in a positive way, creating some tripping time in the eye of inspiration.
Artist: Jay Glass Dubs
Track: Gelangweilt

"With a breeze of the '80s street sound, “Prueba Beats” wonders "What do you want?" through a Casio SK-1 Sampler, simplified orchestrated to a special reworked cut for EDWIN, that suits the listening experience of a cassette tape."
Artist: Ana Helder
Track: Prueba Beats

Side A:
DJ Tarba - Hors Série 
Sapphire Slows - Luminescence
Kabuki - Fireflies 
Bruce - Hot One (Version)
Fantastic Twins - L'uniforme de la jeunesse

Side B:
Iueke & Lippie - One
Jay Glass Dubs feat ML – Gelangweilt
Tolouse Low Trax -  Villa Im Tal Dub 
Robert Bergman - City Racer
Ana Helder - Prueba Beats