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№ 115

Dubby zones, breaks, and fast paced rhythm, The EDWIN Music Channel welcomes French DJ and producer Anaïs Sigué, also known as Myako.

№ 115 - Nora Sigué AKA Myako - The EDWIN Music Channel

Her latest moniker, 'Nora Sigué' welcomes a fresh start, that dovetails with her love for pseudonyms that seem to switch up each time she launches a new project.

Since 2010, the Paris-based artist has released music on labels like Comfortzone from Vienna, Nona Records from Prague, and Seconde.

In recent times she has contributed dub-leaning tunes for compilations on labels like Worst Records from Saint Étienne and Place: from New York. In her monthly Rinse France Show, 'Le Bluepanther', she broadcasts a balanced selection of dub, UK bass, and downtempo, together with post-punk, IDM, and ambient. If that wasn't enough, she also manages to find time for a show on LYL Radio, "Endless Vibration".

Collaborative projects have also played their part in Myako's journey including the 2020 release “INOXIA”, an electrifying experimental jungle field recording EP, created with French artist Basses Terres. The recordings are inspired by a legend of the Venezuelan Piaroa tribe, that tells of a peak hidden deep in the Amazon Forest, where all the sounds in the world can be heard.

Tune in to the latest mix as it travels into dubby zones full of echoes, rhythmical shifts, and arcane bass sensations, featuring the music of a vast array of artists including dub legends like Adrian Sherwood, poets like James Massiah, and contemporary sensations like Lucas Croon, Gavsborg, and Duppy Gun, to name but a few.


Q. Hello Myako, what's your musical background? How did you end up doing what you do? 

A. I don’t have a particularly musical background. My parents listen to and collect jazz, free jazz records. As a child, I took music theory lessons for a few years, followed by guitar and percussion lessons for a few months, but I was bored at the time.

Then, as a teenager, I discovered that you could compose differently, that you could experiment with machines, synthesizers etc... I started to get more interested by listening to a lot of music, reading books and machine manuals, and also watching live producers.

As a young adult, I told myself that this was all I wanted to do with my life. I had the chance to meet and sometimes collaborate with contemporary art, sound art artists and musicians, often older ones, who passed on their valuable knowledge on these artistic subjects and made me discover new horizons. And to be honest, I learned mostly by being a night animal, partying and hanging out a lot in clubs, raves, and concerts in Nantes where I spent my teenage years, London, then later in Berlin where I lived for a while, in Paris and in Europe.

Q. Do you remember your first musical memory, and if so, is it related to what you do today? 

A. As a young teenager, I listened to Rap, RnB, Dancehall and, one day, I listened to Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman - Never Tell You, I literally fell in love musically, like an explosion of happiness in my heart. I directly discovered Andy Caine and Tikiman Round four Round two on Mainstreet, Aphex Twin, Pôle, Scape Records, Howie B, Pansonic, Sähkö Recordings, and Spiral Tribes.

These artists are the soil of my sound plants that still grow today.

Q. What is the driving force of creativity? 

A. Observing the natural and urban landscapes, and sometimes the society in which we evolve.

Q. Your stylistic range is very wide – from abstract electronics with Basses Terres to dub-influenced rhythms and avant-techno. How do you characterize your output as a producer in your own words? 

A. The blurring of boundaries between genres is undoubtedly a source of inspiration and experimentation.

What fascinates me in this wide range is this form of multiple possibilities, of infinite creative potential. I have different aliases for this, to mark the universes I cross.

Q. What are currently your main compositional and production challenges? 

A. Use more acoustic instruments in my production, and collaborate with more instrumentalists. And I dream of learning to play the Vibraphone.

Q. How do you feel space and time through music? How/why is ambience or a sense of ‘the ambient’ important to what you do? 

A. When I listen to this music, I have the impression that time becomes adapted to my temporality, which is very, very slow by nature. Sometimes it takes me back to states similar to those of psychedelic experiences, I feel the same auditory sensations, a form of ultra-lucid concentration.

Q. Generally, do you prefer to work alone, or is collaborative work also a great joy to you? 

A. I love both, I love taking my time and experimenting, creating material alone in my studio.
And also to collaborate, it allows me to explore dimensions where I might never have gone before and also to share and learn new skills.

For example, the INOXIA project with Basses Terres, which we presented at the GRM, gave me a way of determining my sonic intentions more precisely, with the spatialization systems, I also learned to compose music that was perhaps more organic than my previous projects.

Also with Nova Materia, we did a residency and presented a performance of their album Xpujil at the Gaîté lyrique, with Bi Naural techniques for a proposal of immersion in the sound world of insects.

It was very interesting to meet them and to discover their point of view of composition. And with my friend, the poet Rosalie Bribe, we wrote and presented a piece called "Le voyage Immobil", where it's more about exploring the sounds of words and voice. It was great to tackle this dimension that I don't use much in my solo projects. With each collaborative project, I step out of my comfort zone and I love it.

Q. On what future projects are you working on? 

A. After some travels, I'm in the studio in Basque country, I’m preparing my next record and working on my new live project, more experimental Dub, noisy under my alias NORA SIGUE. This alias is a new artistic start, a form of rebirth to concretize the experiments of the previous productions.
This project is inspired by a legend which tells that archaeologists discovered, buried under the sand of the desert of Marfa, in the United States, a capsule from an unknown planet.

Inside, a dub siren box and a tape on which is stuck a flyer with the improbable title: "Cosmic Dub Noise Band: Laurie Spiegel, Maryanne Amacher, Leslie Winer, Jlin". Underneath, a photo of the four women posing side by side, leaning against an imposing structure that could be a dub sound system...

Q. Who are you listening to these days? 

A. Negative Return – 01 First Light (Live Mix) sur GlobalAMBition Records, Zoe Mc Pherson - POTENTIEL - SFX SPACE, Hildegard von Bingen - O Tu Suavissima Virga

Q. Can you name three perfect records to start a party and three to finish one? 

A. To Start: Sumus War Chant - PWOG Demo Tape 

Jay Warrior - Hiding From Reality 

Spiral Tribe – WASP I - U Make Me Feel So Good 

Jay Warrior - Dub of David 

to Finish: The Modern Institute vs Jay Mita - Rave Remix Final 

Lloyds Park - Shake up Yu Dread

Q. How did you select the tracks for The EDWIN Music Channel?

A. A range of contemporary Dub Music with UK bass, Steppers, dubstep, post-punk dub selection. When listening to it you have to imagine yourself in front of a big Dub Soundsystem.

Q. What kind of music would you make in a world without electricity? 

A. This fantasy where time stops and nature takes over maybe I'll look for a spot with beautiful reverb and natural delay, ideally in the mountains by the sea, with a big cave open on a cirque of clis by the ocean.

I set up wind harps for the harmonies, put together stones for the percussive sounds and metal plates with a bow...
For the visual, we play at the time when the sun gives its most beautiful rays on the glittering waves.
For the Soundsystem, we make it out of granite and wood, and we power it with a bicycle dynamo system.

Q. Finish this sentence: ‘The world would be a better place if only...? 

A. The world would be better if only people would have more empathy, and sensitivity and listen to more Cumbia music.

CelsoPiña - Cumbia Poder


01 - JAMES MASSIAH - First Move - Poetry - 2023
02 - MONOLAKE - Avalanche ( Imbalance Computer Music record ) 2009
03 - HYSTERIA TEMPLE FONDATION - Transilvania ( Hysteria Temple Fondation ) 2022
04 - ALPHA AND OMEGA - DUB SIGNS by A&O featuring IRIES IN ROOTS ( Alpha & Omega Records ) 1997 05 - RICHARDS LAMB - Agitation Dub ( Temple records ) 2019
06 - THE BUG - Thief Of Dreams Ft Roger Robinson ( Reflex record ) 2003
07 - JAH WARRIOR - Dun of Zion ( Jah Warrior records ) 2022
08 - MOA ANBESSA - Jah Dub ( Moa Anbessa records ) 2013
09 - CARTRIDGE - Antimatter - ( Albion Collective ) 2019
10 - DUBBING SUN BLUE HILL - Armageddon Dub ( MoonShine recording ) 2019
11 - JUNIOR RAY feat DUB KAZMAN - Shooters & Dubbers ( Rough Signal Records ) 2002
12 - PINCH & SHACKLETON - Torn and Submerged ( Honest Jon's Records ) 2011
13 - dBRIDGE - Fashion Dread ( Sentry records ) 2017
14 - THING - Spli Riddim ( Dub Thing records ) 2019
15 - TRIBAL DUBS - Gangsta ( LDH records ) 2020
16 - LUCAS CROON - Threshold Stimulus ( Microdosing record ) 2019
17 - FRANCK VIGROUX - Baron ( Cyclic law ) 2019
18 - HARVEY SUTHERLAND & ADRIAN SHERWOOD - Jouissance ( Clarity records ) 2021
19 - DUB DYNASTY MEETS RAS TINY - Free ( Steppas ) 2013
20 - RSD - A Humble Dub ( RSD records ) 2022
21 - LOSTSOUNDBYTES - In 1000 years ( Phase Group record ) 2022
22 - CLOUD MANAGEMENT & GAVSBORG - Tempentary Dance ( Dispari record ) 2023
23 - THE PRINCE STONER - STONER’S DUB ( Groovedge records )
24 - MORESOUNDS - Show your respect ( Astrophonica records ) 2021
25 - TUNNIDGE - Amygadala ( Deep Medi Muzik's ) 2016
26 - DUPPY GUN - Lopo Filet mignon ( Bokeh Versions record ) 2021
27 - TRIBAL DUB - Get Down ( LDH records ) 2020
28 - OICHO - Saudade ( WORKHOUSEDIGITAL ) 2019
29 - KING G - Chopping ( Bokeh Versions record ) 2022
30 - VROMM - Prototype ( Thirty One recording ) 2014
31 - BABE ROOTS - Work Hard FT Kojo Neatness ( Babe roots record ) - 2017
32 - JAH SHAKA & ICHO CANDY - Rastafari Dub ( Jah Shaka Music ) 1994
33 - EAST MEETS WEST - Distant Dub ( Dubhead records ) 1997
34 - JAH SHAKA - Don’t stop Dub ( Jah Shaka Music ) 1992
35 - LLOYD PARKS - Shake up Yu Dread ( Ganja label ) 1975