№ 76 - Check Morris

№ 76

Welcome to the world of Check Morris - a Paris-based graphic design studio specialising in art direction, typography and one-of-a-kind illustration. Founded in 2004 by Nicolas Motte and Mathias Pol, the duo focus on an eclectic variety of media including music, cinema, art and advertisement.

For Spring/Summer 2019, EDWIN welcomes the "NO VACANCY" guest artist series - an evocation of a vanished civilisation, ours.

To accompany their mind-expanding designs, they have also prepared a mixtape that transforms their visual concept into sound...

An absorbing mix that features music by Italian composer Piero Umiliani, Californian library sound heroes Kinothek Percussion Ensemble, obscure 80's producer Peter De Havilland, Texas-based ambient artist Charles Ditto, Swedish downtempo musician Tom Wolgers and British jazz pianist and composer Tony Hymas.

Too good not to be broadcast, the analog sounds of the mixtape have been released online. Be ready for an hour-long laidback musical ride that grooves edgy while staying catchy, providing music for dreamers, creative minds and people who like to escape the world with sound.



Nighlands: Gush Intro
Mes Mains: Ondes (les vagues)
Piero Umiliani‎: Pellegrinaggoo Al Totem
Kinothek Percussion Ensemble: In Wait
Peter De Havilland: Shaku
Oksana Linde: Mariposas acuaticas
Ditto: Slave Waltz
Kinothek Percussion Ensemble: In wait
Lydia Tomkiw & Terry Burrows: Pressed In An Atlas
Piero Umiliani: Lavoro nero
Batang Frisco: Myth
Cliff Martinez: What other men…?