№ 82 - Gitano M.D.M.O

№ 82

The two Zürich boys, Andri Conrad and Marco Donada aka Gitano and M.D.M.O. are two passionate vinyl collectors, who can be regularly found playing in clubs and bars around the city. For the fancy online folk, you'll find them on radio stations like gds.fm and Rundfunk.fm as well as podcasts like Bordello Radio and Welcome to Rimini, sharing their love for Italo Disco, dark electronics, EBM, wave and techno.

In early 2019, they launched their own podcast project called "Giro d’Italo", where they host a bunch of first-class DJs from the Italo scene. For EDWIN this month, they chose a diversified, deep driving rhythm, riding from soft Acid tinctures and tribal trippy grooves to jacking handclap madness, metallic New Beat, smashing Electro-Acid and shuffle Italo enlarged with freaky electronics.

The music comes from old legends like the US-American electro Synth-pop band Son Of Sam, legendary Italian EBM/Industrial pioneers Pankow, '80s Philadelphia based synthesizer group Experimental Products, Swiss techno, house and disco seducer Jack Pattern, Berlin-based Techno-Bodymusic producers Schwefelgelb, Fallbeil member Kluentah, Brussel based Nu-Disco Duo Front De Cadeaux and even M.D.M.O. drops one of his very own tunes.

Dive in, stay tuned. 

Analogue Audio Association: Die 2. Kopernikanische Revolution RMX
Dark Vektor: Getan Bio Robots
Nancy Fortune: Dark & Lite (Snuff Crew Remix)
Jack Pattern: Codex feat. Magda Vogel (Unknown Mix)
Pankow: Kunst und Wahnsinn (Instrumental)
Robotiko Rejekto: Umsturz (Aceed Wave Mix)
Son of Sam: Cuts n’ Bruises
Luke Acid C. presents Welcome to the Empire of New Beat (The Dome Mix)
Schwefelgelb: Im Wasser
Dusty Idols: Dionysus
Tronik Youth: Dark Shadow (Zakmina Remix)
Front De Cadeaux: Something Wrong (Fabrizio Mammarella Rework)
Visitor: Labour of Love
Kluentah: Muskelbein
M.D.M.O.: Dark Illusion
Fiero: The Siege
Experimental Products: Glowing in the Dark