Following on from the successful first collaboration in 2019, Pacemaker and EDWIN are back together with their long-awaited sequel that revolves around the Pacemaker ideology of 'actions not words'.

Made up of a selection of Tees, Hoods, Sweats and Chinos, the concept began with a traditional Japanese phrase, 'THOSE WHO KNOW, DON'T TALK. THOSE WHO TALK, DON'T KNOW', telling a new story for a new season.

To explain the process behind the latest limited edition release, we caught up with Pacemaker founder and adidas Head of Energy, Till Jagla.

Q. Till, after the first collaboration, where did you find your inspiration for a follow-up?

A. We (including the Pace community), truly identify with these wise words from Japan. There are simply too many people out there who talk too much without making any difference. It’s easy to talk, but difficult to actually make things happen. I guess everyone knows what I am talking about. At Pacemaker, we appreciate a hands-on and can-do mentality.

For us, the Pace Fam, it was important to somehow connect this release to the first one, which ran under the narrative of "Deutsch-Japanische Freundschaft“ and featured the Rabbit Skull as the main graphic. The drop was a big success and many people gravitated towards the progressive look and feel of the denim drop.

Q. So why kill the Rabbit?!

A. I got approached by so many people, asking "why did you kill the Pace Rabbit?" Well, actually we couldn't find a plausible explanation for this, but when we started the new project, we picked up exactly where we left off.

So we asked ourselves the question, who has killed the Pace Rabbit? Interestingly, we found out that the natural enemy of the Rabbit is actually a specific eagle that lives in South East Asia and Japan - the "Nepal Boned Eagle“. Similar to the Rabbit, this species is known for its agility, too. Long story short, we have decided to make the  Nepal Boned Eagle the icon for the new collection.

Q. Why EDWIN specifically and what is the Japanese connection?

A. We have been addicted to Japanese Street Culture for as long as we can remember. The attention to detail, the tradition, the storytelling and the authenticity have always been trigger points for us.

We respect and value their honesty and credibility a lot. When we'd created the products, we tried to find the perfect balance between the old and the new. Japan and especially Tokyo are probably the best examples of street culture where tradition and innovation can co-exist so fluently.

The new capsule features a different vibe than last time. The new and modern Japanese Street Style is something we wanted to achieve. Hence we opted against denim and have gone with a mix of Tees, Hoods, Sweats and Chinos and even thrown in a Kimono for good measure (Kimono exclusive to All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the result and can’t wait to bring the collaboration to market.

The way of working with EDWIN has been tremendous and we couldn't have asked for a better partner. It's always great to see how big brands like EDWIN embrace creativity. On behalf of the entire Pace Fam, I would like to express my appreciation.

Stay agile and thanks for all the trust, EDWIN. Arigato!

Available now at EDWIN Stores, selected retailers and Online.


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43einhalb, Fulda/Frankfurt
Titolo, Zurich
Foot District, Milan/Barcelona
Acribik, Cologne
Glory Hole, Hamburg
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Produced & Creative Direction: BIANCO BIANCO
Photographer: Luden Studio
Stylist: Dominika Szmid
Model: 中武 太佑