Referencing Japanese Ninja and martial art style for Autumn/Winter, this selection of Tees and hoods combine a military flavour with the feudal world of assassins, saboteurs and mercenaries.

The Shinobi, Shinobi Chest and Target T-Shirts are available alongside the Shaolin Hooded Sweat at EDWIN Stores, selected European stockists and ONLINE.

1 & 2 - Pull mask overhead - Centre eye space - place outer hood in position.
3 - Draw front together with right flap over left and tie.
4 - Pull arm guards on & prepare your shuriken.
5. Put on jacket.
6 & 7 - Pull pants on - cross long straps behind back and bring to front to join with short straps: knot securely.
8 - Fasten ties at ankles and knees.
9 - Run and attack.
10 - Defense mode to prevent any attack. Focus on your target. Concentrate on the attack point. Send Shuriken as hard as you can.