The latest collaborative fusion between EDWIN and TEIDE, co-founder of Red Point Tattoo in London is new school by nature, yet traditional at heart, celebrating the psychedelic American style of the Spanish-born Tattoo artist.

TEIDE - Red Point Tattoo - 9 PENTON STREET, LONDON, N1 9PT

Following on from our successful first collaboration in 2018, TEIDE returns for Autumn/Winter 2021 with a concise capsule collection, adding his own personal style to a selection of products including a classic Varsity Jacket, an oversized sweat and tee, embroidered Beanie, Democratique Socks, and patch pack, all featuring his unmistakable creations.


Q. Last time we worked together was in 2018, how have things changed for you since the last time we met?

A. 2018, what a great year, and who knew it would all come to this?!

I think a lot has changed for most people over the past couple of years. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the time away from tattooing to spend time with my son who was born in 2019, and over the course of lockdown, I found time to publish a new book and several originals and prints. On top of that I opened up Red Point in 2018 and things are now gradually returning to normal and I'm back tattooing.

Q. How did your approach to this collaboration change since the last time?

A. I think I take quite a similar approach to designs, as I do with tattoos all the time. Working within the brief, I came up with a few sketches and then pretty much go with my favourite out of the selection. I like to keep it as traditionally "me" as possible whilst also mixing up the colours and involving different characters for a new spin.

Q. How did you and other Tattoo Artists adapt during lockdown when your studios had to close. It must have been a difficult time for everyone in the industry.

A. It was extremely difficult, for everyone but especially for the creative industry. We literally depend on our art and clients. Having said that, I tried to use the time wisely and work a lot on paintings and flash sheets for my book and to sell as merch in my shop. It was challenging for sure but I am so grateful to everyone who still purchased art and books over that period. I think a lot of artists used the time in a similar way just to get us through but also to maintain some semblance of sanity! I am super glad we are able to go back to tattooing and open up shop after such long periods - especially as we had just opened Red Point Tattoo before the lockdown. So the short answer is yes, it was difficult, but we made it!

Q. What’s next?

A. I am looking to prepare a new book for sure, it takes a lot of work and dedication but it's really a pleasure to see the final product; and of course, would love to be involved in more EDWIN collaborations ;-) . Other than that I'm just happy to be back tattooing and spending time with my family and friends.


Q. Finally, you recently made it back to your homeland for the first time in a long time. Can you list a few of your favourite spots that we should all try and visit on our next trip?

A. Yes! I was fortunate enough to be able to go back to Spain and see some family and friends, although I didn't make it to my hometown of Madrid this time as I was in Valencia and Mallorca. 

I would say my top places to visit in Madrid would be:

Casa Julián de Tolosa
La Bola 
Casa Hortensia
Taberna Herrante
Casa Macareno
Casa Benigna
Bodega De La Ardosa
Casa Varona
Chuka Ramen

Salmon Guru
Del Diego
La Tienda De La Cerveza 
La Buena Cerveza
Club De Salir 
Trueno Sala Sol
Trash Can

True Love Tattoo 
Origen Tattoo