For Spring/Summer 2021, the EDWIN legacy continues with an array of specially selected Japanese selvage denim from the iconic denim mills of Nihon Menpu, Kaihara and Kurabo.

The latest collection offers a wide selection of fits, weights and washes including 13.5oz Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvage, 13oz Natural Rainbow Selvage, 11oz Indigo Blue x White Selvage, 11oz Black x White Selvage, 12.5oz Green x White Selvage and 14oz Red Listed Selvage.
For all you newcomers, selvage or selvedge, originates from the phrase "self-edge" and refers to the natural end of a roll of fabric that prevents the unravelling of the material and is often woven together with contrast coloured threads such as red or orange and green (Rainbow).
As selvage is woven on old looms in Japan, production requires more time and skill to create such high-quality fabrics. The slower pace of the shuttle looms puts less tension on the yarn, tolerating more slub in the yarn adding character to the naturally softer denim and providing better fades.
Available now at EDWIN Stores, selected retailers and online.