ED-55 Regular Tapered Jeans

Nihon Menpu Rainbow Selvage - Unwashed

£210.00 £147.00

A collaboration with Edwin Japan, the ED-55 Made in Japan is crafted from a 14oz Vintage Selvage Denim exclusively produced by the famous Japanese denim mill, Nihon Mempu.This very special edition ED-55 celebrates the workmanship and Japanese craftsmanship in denim making, combined with the undisputed European styling of the ED-55 fit.

This particular denim respects the traditional methods of denim making, with no pre-shrunk processing, thus during the wash process, the denim will shrink by an estimated a 1.5 sizing scale. We recommend an estimated eight domestic washes before this denim fits to size. Of course and in our humble opinion, the best alternative is simply not to wash.

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